Çetin Baskın & Metin Akdemir
Documentary, 12’37”, 2013

2013 • Documentary • 12’37” • HDV • Color • No Dialogue

Director: Çetin Baskın, Metin Akdemir
Director of Photography: Ali Kemal Çınar
Editor: Veysel Cihan Hızar
World Sales: Çetin Baskın, Metin Akdemir
Contact: Çetin Baskın, [email protected] & Metin Akdemir, [email protected]

The “Küpeli” pool operating just next to the city wall on the Suriçi district of Diyarbakir is a place for chilling out with the ones swimming under their peshtemals, their unique jumps and all kinds of legends.
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