Ziya Demirel
Fiction, 13’42”, 2012

2012 • Fiction • 13’42’’• HDV-HD Cam • Color • Czech with Turkish and English Sbt.

Director: Ziya Demirel
Screenplay: Ziya Demirel
Director of Photography: Doron Tempert
Art Director: Gizem Kastamonulu
Sound: Henrique Cartaxo, Steve Reverrond
Editor: Henrique Cartaxo
Cast: Julie Tasiou, Marek Adamczyk
World Sales: Ziya Demirel
Contact: Ziya Demirel, [email protected]

The ambitious medical student Milan studies for his upcoming exam. However he cannot manage to locate the bones. In order to learn his lessoni he decides to study on her quiet and fragile girlfriend Eva. Eva accepts thinking she might be of help. Eva always accepts.
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