Burak Koçak
Fiction, 27’34’’, 2012

2012 • Fiction • 27’34’’ • DIGIBETA • B&W • No Dialogue

Director: Burak Koçak
Screenplay: Burak Koçak
Director of Photography: Fatih Efe
Music: Miraç Atıcı
Art Director: Deniz Vidinli
Sound: Miraç Atıcı
Editor: Can Ataç, Burak Koçak
Cast:Semih Müezzinoğlu, Halit Akpınar, Yasemin Müezzsinoğlu, Ahmet Müezzinoğlu, Ramazan Koçak
World Sales: Burak Koçak
Contact: Burak Koçak, [email protected]

The truth was behind the steam but we were interested in writing the initials of our names on the steam instead of the truth. Then, when the steam disappears on its own, we were revealing our initials by breathing on the glass. And thought ourselves magicians.
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