Ayçe Kartal
Animation, 8’, 2017

2017 • Animation• 08’ • HD • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Ayçe Kartal
Screenplay: Ayçe Kartal
Director of Photography: Ayçe Kartal
Art Director: Ayçe Kartal
Music: Tarık Aslan
Sound: Sebastián Marroquilly
Editor: Ayçe Kartal
Star: Zeynep Naz Daldal
World Sales: Les Valseurs
Contact: damien@ lesvalseurs.com

8-year-old S. is a child who likes nature and animals. During his/her stay at the hospital, s/he remembers her/his grandparents, and beautiful memories in their village. However, memories begin to get complicated and scary, but their real meanings start to be revealed.
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