Harun Durmuş
Kurmaca, 19’17’’, 2017

2017 • Fiction • 19’17’’ • 4K • B&W • Arabic with Turkish and English s.t.

Director: Harun Durmuş
Screenplay: Harun Durmuş
Director of Photography: Ali Burak Albayrak
Art Director: Alaattin Karadaş
Sound: İsmail Hakkı Hafız
Editor: Harun Durmuş
Cast: Aghyad Shekho, Mahmoud Bilal, Aram Kılavuz
World Sales Harun Durmuş
Contact: [email protected]

Abdullah and Selam, who came to Turkey from Syria after the civil war, decide to flee to Germany and deal with a human smuggler. Selam has saved the necessary money by working regularly in a textile mill. Abdullah is a drug addict and lacks a job and money in order to go to Germany. These two Syrian young men will struggle to flee to Germany with the saved money.
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